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ABOUT GEC Instructors 

Passionate & Dedicated Instructors

In China, GEC is especially famous for its outstanding team of faculty. Currently, we are working with more than 300 professors, approximately 150 young scholars and researchers, and almost 500 Ph.D.s/Ph.D. candidates who live, study, and teach from all around the world. 

At GEC, our faculty are the mainstay. They encompass a close-knit group of highly-skilled, passionate, and professional researchers and educators.

Combining their skills with the professional service provided by GEC, our students are guaranteed memorable and productive research and learning experience! 

If you are interested in working with GEC and teaching GEC students, please feel free to contact us using the contact form. We are also very happy to connect you with senior GEC faculty to answer your questions.

Our Teaching Team

All GEC programs are taught by a team working closely together. Different types of programs require different team compositions for effective teamwork and thereby high-quality programs for GEC students. For Online Research Seminar and Onsite Research Bootcamp, a typical team comprises (1) a professor, (2) a mentor, (3) (a) TA(s), and (4) a Program Coordinator. For Academic Writing Course, a typical team comprises: (1) an academic writing instructor, and (2) a Program Coordinator. As for Independent Project Qualification (IPQ), a typical team comprises: (1) a supervisor, (2) a subject expert, and (3) a Program Coordinator. More details of each teaching role can be found below.

  • Professor (leading instructor): is responsible for developing the course syllabus and providing the main content instruction through lectures or other presentations

  • Mentor: usually a junior researcher/PhD/PhD candidate/advanced graduate student recruited by the Professor or by GEC, who runs the discussion sessions and oversees student research

  • Teaching Assistant (TA): usually a Chinese-speaking graduate student or senior undergraduate student recruited by GEC who attends class sessions, monitors class attendance and participation, and holds a 60-min online office hour each week where they can help students with language and/or content-based problems

  • Program Coordinator: deals with any administrative or technical issues

  • Academic Writing Instructor: usually a junior researcher/PhD/PhD candidate who has published several journal papers, creates and develops assignments and lectures, coaching, reviewing student work, lecturing; provides extensive verbal and written feedback on student work and assists students in revising their work

  • Program Coordinator:deals with any administrative or technical issues

  • Supervisor: usually a PhD candidate/advanced graduate student, trained and certified by Oxford AQA, is responsible for initialling ideas from students and taking them through the initial planning stage of their project, commenting on the suitability of the initial ideas, advising them on ways in which they can improve and focus their initial ideas to ensure they can submit a suitable proposal, and offering advice to help the student progress without directing the course the project takes

  • Subject Expert: typically a teacher or lecturer in the relevant subject area, university researcher, and established expert

  • Program Coordinator: deals with any administrative or technical issues

What GEC Teachers Say

"I am grateful for the GEC staff, who have been appropriately responsive and helpful when we have identified such concerns among our students. I am also grateful for GEC’s continued leadership in education and its attentiveness towards all students."
- R.W, Professor Emeritus, Emory University