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ABOUT GEC Instructors 

Passionate & Dedicated Instructors

In Asia, GEC is especially famous for its outstanding team of faculty. Currently, we are working with more than 300 professors, approximately 150 young scholars and researchers, and almost 500 Ph.D.s/Ph.D. candidates who live, study, and teach from all around the world. 

At GEC, our faculty are the mainstay. They encompass a close-knit group of highly-skilled, passionate, and professional researchers and educators.

Combining their skills with the professional service provided by GEC, our students are guaranteed memorable and productive research and learning experience! 

If you are interested in working with GEC and teaching GEC students, please feel free to contact us using the contact form. We are also very happy to connect you with senior GEC faculty to answer your questions.

Our Teaching Team

All GEC programs are taught by a team working closely together. Different types of programs require different team compositions for effective teamwork and thereby high-quality programs for GEC students. For Online Research Seminar and Onsite Research Bootcamp, a typical team comprises (1) a professor, (2) a mentor, (3) (a) TA(s), and (4) a Program Coordinator. For Academic Writing Course, a typical team comprises: (1) an academic writing instructor, and (2) a Program Coordinator. As for Independent Project Qualification (IPQ), a typical team comprises: (1) a supervisor, (2) a subject expert, and (3) a Program Coordinator. More details of each teaching role can be found below.

Our Teaching Team
Teaching & Learning

Through the whole teaching team, including the Leading Instructor,  Teaching Fellow, and TA, students’ minds are developed. We hope all of our faculty share some common characteristics of effective teachers, including but not limited to a dedication to teaching, the ability to communicate effectively and clearly, enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, and the ability to bring out the best in students. As an academy with a great mission to provide students with opportunities to experience project-based learning, which can empower our students through systematic practical courses and programs, we rely on all the teaching members to make lasting, meaningful impressions on the students they teach.

Teaching & Learning
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