GEC Academy is a Beijing-based organization founded by Ivy alumni, in cooperation with world’s top university professors and researchers, international educator and counselors, and leading education and technology innovators.


GEC Academy provides an enriched variety of programs, both online and onsite that has helped countless students get ahead. Our unparalleled teaching methods help participants prepare for the next step in their career and broaden their horizons. Our course offering is unmatched and created for individuals or groups of all ages and academic levels. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Our Vision & Belief

GEC Academy aims to equip students from middle school through university with the skills and experiences they need to succeed in academia and beyond while building bridges between the classroom and the world outside so they can turn a curiosity into next the level education and career. We are committed to providing accessible academic opportunities to students who want to benefit from the world's most advanced and rigorous resources regardless of geographical constraints, and to making a difference in combating the unequal distribution of educational resources worldwide.

It is emphasized by the traditional education system in high school and college that examination and standardized test holds the significant position. However, it is also valued to apply the student-centered learning and facilitation method. Through the inquire-based learning and open discussion model adopted by GEC, students will practice their critical thinking, teamworking, academic writing and presentation skills.

Meet The Team

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Important Milestones

December 2014

GEC Academy was founded by the faculties and alumni of Harvard and Columbia on Columbia campus in New York. Headquartered in Beijing, GEC started the amazing journey by offering the first online GEC program on Sustainability