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Global Competence Development Project (GCD)

Co-designed by the GEC team and the Expert Committee of International Competency Talent Training, the GCD project was launched to develop a series of global competency training courses for Chinese students, focusing on their weak areas in terms of global competency, and preparing them for future studies and careers in an international context.

Till now, we have partnered with 39 Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, China Foreign Affairs University, Nankai University, and Beijing Institute of Technology, to implement the GCD project for their universities students. Students who finish all courses are expected to receive 1-2 college course credits from the university.

Module 1

Overview of the needs and cultivation of Global Competencies {2 credit hours}

Module 2

Introduction and Practice of International Organizations {12 credit hours}

  • Global governance and global competency cultivation in Chinese youth leaders {2 credit hours}

  • ​​​Cross-cultural Communication in International Organizations {2 credit hours}​​​

  • Operating Mechanism and the Core File in International Organizations {2 credit hours}​​​

  • The United Nations Development Mission - Concept, Mechanism & Issues {2 credit hours}​​​

  • How to Compete for the Post of Staff of International Organizations {2 credit hours}​​​

  • United Nations and Competition between Countries - Take disarmament as an example {2 credit hours}​​​


Module 3

Other important areas of international competence {6 credit hours}

  • Introduction to Diplomacy and International Cooperation {3 credit hours}​​​

  • Operating Mechanisms: Multi-National Corporations {3 credit hours}​​​

Module 4

Global Vision {12 credit hours}

  • Introduction to Regional Nationality Studies {3 credit hours}​​​

  • World Civilization and Religion {3 credit hours}​​​

  • Global Competency: The Importance of Culture, Global Economics {3 credit hours}​​​

  • Culture Diversity, Inclusiveness and Remediating Discrimination {3 credit hours}​​​


Module 5

Core competence {15 credit hours}

  • International Multilateral Negotiations: Theory and Practice {3 credit hours}​​

  • Outstanding Leadership {3 credit hours}​​

  • Intercultural Understanding and Communication 3 credit hours​​

  • The Most Important Dialogue Skill {3 credit hours}​​

  • Public Speaking {3 credit hours}​​

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