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Our Team

Within GEC, we establish a strong team that is dedicated to supporting our instructors with their teaching as well as administrative matters at GEC. 

Each GEC instructor may get in contact with most, if not all, teams listed below along with clarifications on their roles and responsibilities. 

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Teaching Team

Responsibility: develop course syllabus; deliver the main content instruction through lectures or other presentations; evaluate students' final project, etc.

Academic Team

Go-to person for faculties who have any concerns or questions regarding teaching at GEC, payrolls, and benefits, and the programs in general

Responsibility: assist Leading Instructors and Teaching Fellows with various tasks, including answering questions regarding both administrative and teaching matters, analyzing and providing feedback for a syllabus, collecting information such as teaching availability and teaching feedback, updating faculties with the latest changes with regards to GEC programs, facilitating communications among Leading Instructors, Teaching Fellow, other GEC teams such as Product Management Team and Finance Team, etc.

Product Management Team

Responsibility: The product management team is responsible for various aspects of product development, including brainstorming and designing products, managing annual planning and timelines, overseeing packaging and publicity, and conducting cost accounting. 


The products they work on can range from

• PATH Academics Online Research Programs,

• 1 on 1 programs,

• Onsite Research Bootcamp,

• Personalized Programs for Universities,

• etc.


Responsibility: enter student information (including school name, application deadline, submission link, etc) into the GEC system; facilitate faculties with the submission of reference letters

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