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2022 Annual Faculty Meeting


Dec. 2022

GEC Faculty Meeting Recap

On December 28th, GEC Academy held an annual faculty meeting for its faculties, professors, and instructors. This meeting concluded this year’s performance and provided a vision for 2023. The meeting agenda is as follows: 1. Faculty Outreach Team sharing; 2. Academic Management Team sharing; 3. University Higher Education Team sharing; 4. Professor Representative sharing; 4. Teaching Fellow sharing; 5. Q&A part; and 6. “Lucky draw”.


Faculty Outreach Team sharing - Presented by Katrina Wang, Faculty Outreach Specialist

Following topics were presented: 1. What we have achieved in 2022; 2. New Initiatives & Projects launched in 2022; 3. Additional support for GEC faculty

Faculty Outreach Team sharing.pdf


Academic Management Team sharing - Presented by Amy Yang, Academic Manager

Following topics were presented: 1. Who we are?; 2. What we do?; 3. Fruitful 2022; 4. Promising 2023

Academic Management Team Sharing.pdf


University Higher Education Team sharing - Presented by Heather Zhao, Academic Manager for Chinese Higher institution related affairs

Following topics were presented: 1. About me; 2. What We Do; 3. What We Have Done; 4. Plans For Next Year

University Higher Education Team sharing.pdf


Professor Representative sharing - Presented by Richard Pettinger, Professor of Management Education at University College London (UCL)

During Professor Pettinger’s sharing, he provided details about the two programs he teach at GEC and other courses and speeches delivered by him, which were offered to Chinese universities in 2022, as well as his overall working experience with GEC. He shared with the group some amazing teaching and working practices.  


Teaching Fellow sharing - Presented by Pinar Kolancali, Post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Education, University of Oxford

Dr. Pinar Kolancali has worked with GEC since 2019 and taught courses in psychology, education, and sociology. During Dr. Kolancali’s sharing, she reflected on her own teaching experience at GEC and introduced to the group some important features of GEC program and offered suggestions to new instructors. She also pointed out some of the challenges and opened a discussion for future directions that can better improve the teaching experience for all instructors.


“Lucky Draw”

Congratulations to Professor Daniel Prober and Professor Jefferey Green who are the winners of the 2022 GEC “Lucky Draw” who will receive FREE Disneyland tickets for them and their family.


*For all GEC faculty: Please contact your academic manager or outreach specialist (if you haven’t been assigned to any GEC academic manager yet) for the meeting recording.

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