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Yukun (Angela) Zhang

Bachelor of Arts in Italian&English(Bilingual), Tianjin Foreign Language University, 2011-2015

What are your current duties?

I serve as Course Coordinator at GEC Academy where my primary duty revolves around wholeheartedly attending to every student. I proactively delve into comprehending their progress within the curriculum and take the initiative to assist them in resolving any challenges they encounter. Moreover, I establish and maintain a strong rapport with the professors, enabling me to offer comprehensive feedback that contributes to the successful culmination of projects.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

I believe what sets GEC Academy apart is its profound commitment to providing students with a preview of overseas courses, facilitating invaluable opportunities for direct engagement and interaction with esteemed professors. Our comprehensive approach encompasses both online and onsite courses. Furthermore, my extensive years of experience in liaising with international students further enrich my ability to impart enhanced courses and share relevant insights with all students, a responsibility I gladly undertake.

What are your specialisms and interests?

To begin with, I'm a warm and cheerful individual who always wears a smile. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversations with students and professors, readily offering assistance wherever needed. Within GEC Academy, I've successfully managed a myriad of projects spanning diverse fields including Humanities, Psychology, Education, Finance, and Computer Science. My substantial experience in these areas has equipped me well. Beyond my professional role, I find solace in simple sports like badminton, table tennis, and walking. Singing and engaging in games like UNO are also favorite pastimes of mine, contributing to my overall well-being.

Yukun (Angela) Zhang
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