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Yujia CUI

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Calvin University

What are your current duties?

I currently serve as the Program Manager for the Steam Squirrel, and I am responsible for the customization of both domestic and international field trip programs.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

My inclination towards education led me to choose GEC Academy for several compelling reasons. Notably, GEC is led by alumni from esteemed international universities, showcasing a commitment to academic excellence and a global outlook. I align with the values and educational philosophy embraced by GEC Academy, making it the perfect platform for advancing my career and making meaningful contributions to the realm of education.

What are your specialisms and interests?

Drawing from my experience in the educational industry, my interests encompass a wide range, bridging both creative and recreational realms. The amalgamation of my academic journey and professional background has equipped me with versatile skills. Outside of my academic pursuits, I am fervently committed to maintaining an active lifestyle through fitness, delving into diverse cultures and destinations through travel.

Yujia CUI
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