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Yue Zhang

Bachelor of Art in Digital Media, Hebei University of Media

What are your current duties?

I currently hold the role of Video Producer within the GEC Academic Brand Team. My main gig involves brainstorming and crafting video content and styles tailored to project needs and our audience. It's all about having a keen eye for visuals, thinking outside the box, and rocking the tools of the trade. Being patient and laser-focused on detail is key to making sure each video hits the mark, serving up what users crave and grabbing their attention.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

I jumped on board with GEC because its vibe, the chances it dishes out for personal growth, and the pulse-pounding projects it dives into had me hooked. I'm all about thriving in a workplace that's innovative, wide open, and welcoming, where I can lay down my skills and grow alongside a crew who gets it. GEC goes big on serving up learning and development goods for its crew, which is my ticket to constant improvement and becoming a better pro. I'm itching to dive into a mix of wild and challenging projects, not just unlocking my potential but also chipping in for the team, scoring that sweet feeling of accomplishment.

What are your specialisms and interests?

I'm a go-getter who digs exploring all sorts of entertainment to spice up my days. Movies are my jam—they whisk you away to different worlds and lay down life experiences on the table. Music is another love of mine, the secret sauce that flavors life, tweaking my emotions and bringing the chill. Beyond that, I'm hooked on riding the internet waves, using it to scope out cool stuff from across the globe and keep my knowledge game on point.

Yue Zhang
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