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Ying (Louisa) Li

Master of International Relations, Tsinghua University

What are your current duties?

Now I am working as a member of our Global Competence Development Program team. I have different duties in different scenarios, ranging from writing academic activity reports, hosting academic meetings, and leading discussions in the Global Competence Development classes.

What made you choose GEC Academy?

I chose to work for GEC Academy because of its reputation in the education industry and its values. GEC Academy is well-known for providing quality education and prioritizing the needs of its students and teachers. Another reason is about the potential for career growth and advancement. I believe that GEC Academy provides opportunities for professional development, training, and promotion, which can help me achieve my long-term career goals.

What are your specialisms and interests?

As a student majoring in International Relations, my specialism is mostly about international conflicts and cooperation, especially in the area of arms control and global security. I also have a lot of interests, including running, reading books and watching old movies.

Ying (Louisa) Li
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