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Yihe (Lina) He

Bachelor of Economics, University of British Columbia

What are your current duties? 

I serve as Academic Manager at GEC Academy. I am mainly responsible for the management of project-based online research seminar, including direct communication with professors and connecting with GEC’s product center and operation center to ensure the smooth running of the whole program.

What made you choose GEC Academy?

I’ve been working in the education field since I graduated, and GEC has always been famous in the industry, as a leading educational company in China. One of my friends who worked in GEC introduced me to the GEC’s job opportunity by coincidence. As it turns out, coming to work for GEC was the right decision!

What are your specialisms and interests?

As an employee of an educational company, I am committed to creating more and better programs for all students and giving them more opportunities to study with a teacher from prestigious universities.

Yihe (Lina) He
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