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Ximeng (Gloria) Lin

Bachelor of Arts in Business English, Jinan University
MSc in Educational Studies, University of Glasgow.

What are your current duties?

As a consultant based in Chengdu, my main responsibility is to assist students with their university and college applications. This includes creating application plans tailored to each student's needs, providing solutions to any challenges they may encounter during the preparation process, and matching them with suitable GEC PBL projects.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

To be honest, it feels like fate brought me to GEC Academy. I had the opportunity to participate in two PBL programs at GEC - Research Methods in Social Sciences: Educational Processes and Cognitive Developmental Psychology where I was able to learn and benefit a great deal. What mattered most to me wasn't how it could help with my master’s program application, but rather what I gained from it. I developed the courage to face difficulties, the strength to stick with my choices, the joy of forming friendships with other brilliant classmates, and the curiosity to delve deeper into these fields. These experiences also helped me improve my communication skills, team working, and critical thinking, all of which inspired me to help others, particularly students, to take advantage of similar opportunities and achieve their full potential.


What are your specialisms and interests?

I enjoy spending time with friends by watching movies or playing games together. However, I'm also comfortable being on my own and appreciate solitude.

Ximeng (Gloria) Lin
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