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Tian (Alice) Li

Master of Applied Finance, Australian National University, 2019-2020
Bachelor of Economics, Tsinghua University, 2014-2018

What are your current duties?

I serve as Course Management Assistant at GEC Academy. My job responsibilities involve communicating with professors effectively and I try to work toward a higher level of professionalism. I also participate in organizing the database of overseas teachers, creating course packs for domestic colleges, and scheduling as well as hosting talks on various topics.

What made you choose GEC Academy?

After talking with some teachers who work for, I have heard that the culture in this company is friendly and supportive. I desire to work in such an environment that inspires and encourages me. Besides, GEC Academy still has an impressive track record of achievement during the pandemic, and it keeps trying to provide educational resources of a high standard for students. So I want to be a part of its journey.

What are your specialisms and interests?

I can be a good listener and communicator since I have a patient and reliable personality. It enhances my ability to understand better and makes the experience of speaking to me more enjoyable for other people. And because of my academic background, I am able to interact with professors in financial and economic-related fields more effectively.

One of my favorite pastimes is practicing and appreciating traditional Chinese calligraphy. I have joined related hobby groups, and I enjoy talking about calligraphy with other group members, including masters, script types, etc.

Tian (Alice) Li
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