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Meining CHEN

Master of Arts in Media Communication, the University of Melbourne;
Bachelor of Arts in English, Northeast Normal University

What are your current duties?

As a member of the ASI Global Academic Branding Team, I am mainly responsible for creating corporate news content both in Chinese and English, ensuring smooth and effective cross-cultural brand communication.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

GEC Academy boasts an excellent academic reputation and a promising future. The opportunity to join this highly competitive and visionary team makes me feel excited, as it enables me to integrate my learned expertise and interests into meaningful work.

What are your specialisms and interests?

I am interested in mental analysis and fascinated with all matters related to logical analysis. In my spare time, I often stay at home, immersing myself in reading books and watching films, as it not only helps me relax my mind but also enriches my knowledge and broadens my horizons. Besides that, I am really passionate about a wide array of cultural and artistic activities, such as stand-up comedy shows and dance dramas.

Meining CHEN
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