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Jingjing (Echo) Huang

Master of TESOL, University of Exeter

What are your current duties? 

I serve as the Business Assistant of the President, Mr. Edison Yan at GEC Academy, and I am also a member of the Academic Branding Team. My job responsibility involves assisting Edison, updating brand brochures, producing brand videos, etc.

What made you choose GEC Academy? 

GEC Academy is known for Project-based Learning, which is a promising and prosperous section in the educational industry. Additionally, my friend who has been working at GEC Academy for years told me about GEC’s culture, which is vigorous, innovative and united. I was attracted by both the prospect and culture of GEC Academy. So, here I am.

What are your specialisms and interests?

After working in the educational industry for 8.5 years, I have accumulated much experience in customer services, talent development, administrative affairs, etc. Those are my specialism which can be applied to what I am doing now. My interests are sports and cats. As for sports, I like swimming, skiing, etc. And for cats, the British Shorthair is my favourite.

Jingjing (Echo) Huang
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