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Jiaojiao (Yvette) Lyu

Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Changchun University of Science and Technology, 2014-2018

What are your current duties?

As a Course Coordinator at GEC Academy, my primary responsibility is to oversee and assist students throughout their project journey, like the 2023 Summer Research Program. I strive to provide excellent service by addressing their concerns and resolving any issues they may encounter along the way.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

I was drawn to GEC Academy after engaging in conversations with teachers who work here. They spoke highly of the company's friendly and supportive culture, which resonated with me. I have a strong desire to work in an environment that fosters inspiration and encouragement. Additionally, GEC Academy has an impressive track record of achieving success, particularly during the challenging times of the pandemic. Their commitment to providing high-quality educational resources for students further motivated me to be a part of their journey.

What are your specialisms and interests?

My specializations lie in effective communication and interpersonal skills. I genuinely enjoy conversing with others and possess a patient and reliable personality, allowing me to excel as a listener and communicator. This skill set enhances my ability to understand others better and ensures that people find their interactions with me enjoyable.

Jiaojiao (Yvette) Lyu
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