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Huixin (Becky) Jiang

Bachelor of Arts in English, Heilongjiang International University

What are your current duties?

I currently hold the position of Course Coordinator for GEC's online programs and am an integral member of the Application Team. In my role as a Course Coordinator, my primary focus is to establish a vital line of communication between students and professors. I provide comprehensive support for various projects, and I'm dedicated to resolving any challenges that students may encounter throughout their program. Furthermore, I diligently track and report on student progress to professors in a timely manner, ensuring the seamless and successful progression of the program.

Simultaneously, as a member of the Application Team, I am entrusted with the responsibility of meticulously reviewing the information submitted by students in their requests. Once the information is verified, I promptly relay it to the professors, enabling them to work with maximum efficiency.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

I was drawn to GEC due to its wealth of resources and the outstanding team it boasts. GEC Academy, in particular, exemplifies the organization's deep-seated dedication to offering students a glimpse of PBL courses, thereby providing them with invaluable opportunities for direct engagement and interaction with esteemed professors. Throughout my time at GEC, I have had the privilege of acquiring a wealth of new knowledge and forging connections with numerous exceptional professors. I am resolutely confident that my growth will be intricately intertwined with the development and success of GEC.

What are your specialisms and interests?

With six years of dedicated service in the education industry, I've had the privilege of supporting thousands of students in various aspects of their academic journeys. These experiences have enriched me with a wealth of expertise and skills in this domain, equipping me to adeptly manage diverse challenges and address student concerns with poise and professionalism.

Outside of my professional life, I am an individual with a broad spectrum of interests. I'm always eager to explore new experiences and embrace the unfamiliar. I frequently organize outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, extending invitations to friends to join me in these adventures. Additionally, I find solace and inspiration in the world of jazz music and live concerts. These pursuits serve as the wellspring of motivation in my life, for I firmly believe in the mantra that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

Huixin (Becky) Jiang
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