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Haonan (Med) Zhang

Bachelor's degree in Chinese International Education, Jinggangshan University

What are your current duties?

In my role as a Project Manager at iHUB, I oversee a comprehensive suite of responsibilities aimed at supporting our students' needs throughout their journey with us. This encompasses managing all aspects of their experience during both online and offline engagements within iHUB, with a primary focus on ensuring they achieve satisfactory academic outcomes. Additionally, I collaborate closely with other departments within our organization to deliver services that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. My goal is to ensure a seamless, enriching experience for our students, facilitating their success in every project they undertake.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

My passion for education has always been a driving force in my career. Over time, I've realized that my strengths lie in the supportive, behind-the-scenes roles within the education sector, where I can make a significant impact by facilitating the learning journey of others. GEC Academy presented an exceptional opportunity that aligns with my aspirations and values, offering a platform where I can contribute meaningfully to the educational experience of our learners. I am deeply appreciative of the chance to be part of an institution that plays such a crucial role in shaping the future of education.

What are your specialisms and interests?

I am an avid reader of novels, finding joy and inspiration in the stories and worlds that authors create. City pop music is another passion of mine, with its unique blend of melodies and rhythms providing a perfect backdrop to my days. Feature films captivate me, offering insights into different cultures and perspectives. On the fitness front, I enjoy participating in Les Mills classes, which challenge me physically and mentally. Additionally, I cherish the act of documenting memorable moments, capturing the essence of experiences through writing.

Haonan (Med) Zhang
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