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Chenxuan (Tracy) Li

BA in Korean Studies, Nanjing University
MPhil in Development Studies, University of Cambridge

What are your current duties?

I am currently part of the team to support our newly initiated Global Competence Development Program. My duties are multi-faceted - from managing program-specific knowledge base to making program-based evaluations, and from leading in-class discussions for improvement of students’ learning experience to collaborating with our global networks for innovation in curriculum and teaching.

What made you choose GEC Academy?

As a life-long learner and an active practitioner in the field of global education and development, I have always been looking for places where my passion could be translated into profession — and GEC Academy came as a perfect fit.

What are your specialisms and interests?

In my research and work, I take particular interests in exploring the contextualization of global citizenship education and education for sustainable development in East Asia. I speak Chinese, English and Korean, and enjoy reading, hiking and filming.

Chenxuan (Tracy) Li
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