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Beibei (Belle) Guo

Master of Arts, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Bachelor of Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology.

What are your current duties?

I'm the Program Manager for the onsite project center. I'm currently responsible for customizing the onsite program and managing the operations of the iHUB research program.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

I have a strong affinity for the education and training sector, and GEC Academy stood out to me for several reasons. Primarily, the academy's leadership comprises alumni from prestigious universities abroad, which speaks volumes about their academic excellence and global perspective. I firmly believe in the values and educational philosophy that GEC Academy upholds, making it an ideal choice for me to further my career and contribute to the field of education.

What are your specialisms and interests?

With a background in arts, I possess a diverse array of interests that span both the creative and leisure spectrums. My academic journey has equipped me with a broad skill set in various artistic disciplines, including drawing and playing musical instruments, which are my professional specialities. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am passionate about staying active through fitness, exploring new cultures and destinations through traveling, and engaging in gaming.

Beibei (Belle) Guo
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