What is International IPQ?

The International Independent Project Qualification (International IPQ) is a project-based qualification catering for international students’ necessity, launched by Oxford AQA. Students who choose to participate in IPQ will present their learning capacity, independent research skill and creativity under strict and unified standards recognized by Oxford AQA.

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IPQ Learning Center

Certified by the Oxford AQA in 2021- Center Number 96268

IPQ Learning Center is officially approved by the Oxford AQA as an Oxford Internatioanl AQA approved center providing the IPQ, committed to promote the IPQ qualification system for students and schools in China. Combined with superior educational resources and localized features, IPQ Learning Center aims to provide opportunities for Chinese students to increase their capacity in independent learning and research and help them start their research journey with professional guidance.

Why Should Students Study IPQ?

Through IPQ, students will acquire skills and techniques in independent research, presenting what colleges and universities are looking for in application process through conducting a practical research project independently or within a group. With an increasingly large applicant pool, we believe that IPQ can enrich students’ academic experience outside the campus, helping students become a stronger applicant at competitive schools.

Why Study IPQ at IPQ Learning Center?

At IPQ Learning Center, students will start their research journey, leaded by professors from top, accredited schools, with full-time guidance and support so that students can finalize their IPQ projects with high-efficiency; in the end, in addition to the IPQ qualification certificate, students will also elevate their research capacity and many other 21st century skills as demanded by the world nowadays, such as critical thinking, independent learning, collaboration and creativity.