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As mentioned in the December Faculty meeting, we understand that with the GEC team growing and expanding at a rather fast pace and with more new cooperation opportunities increasing over the past years, it may cause some of our teachers, especially new faculties, some confusions with respect to responsibilities of different teams within GEC, for example, who to talk to for certain matters. To address this kind of issues, we create two files for GEC teachers:1. GEC Organizational Structure Chart; and 2. GEC Directory for Faculties.


GEC Organizational Structure Chart contains a visual diagram of GEC that describes what each team does and their responsibilities (Please note that this diagram only depict teams that have direct contact with GEC teachers).  


GEC Directory for Faculties is a list of GEC staff (who have direct contact with GEC teachers) with information including names, titles, profile pictures, responsibilities, and email addresses. To protect their privacy, we will email you the directory through email ( If you haven’t received the file from us by the end of this month, please contact the GEC academic manager. Thank you for your patience.

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