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IPQ Workshop Country Tour

Written by Xiaozhi Wang, Co-founder and Academic Director at GEC Academy

On October 23rd, OxfordAQA International Examination, GEC Academy, and IPQ Learning Center held an IPQ Workshop in Shanghai, China. This Workshop was the first of a whole series, covering other major cities such as Chengdu, Changsha, Guangzhou in China. The Workshop aimed to introduce what IPQ is to different international schools, explain the teaching methods and skills taught to students, share what the IPQ Learning Center had achieved in the past year and how its students had performed. The Workshop showed major difficulties students often encountered during their IPQ projects, common topics they liked to choose, and the grades’ distribution. Teachers from different schools in Shanghai expressed their strong interests in providing IPQ courses in their schools and enjoyed the Workshop a lot.


​Teachers gathering together to discuss IPQ and its teaching.

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