Individualized Research Seminar

Based on customized academic and research requests from the students, PATH Individualized Research Seminar is designed to meet individual needs, focusing on specific topics of interest to the student. During the program, students will gain individualized mentorship from instructors who are on the front lines of PhD-level research.


Who is this for?

Different from Group Seminar, Individualized Seminar is specifically designed for students who have unique needs that may not be satisfied otherwise. For example, some of students are interested in very unique or original research topics that currently are not covered in topic pool of GEC Group Seminar. Some desire to work in their own pace. Others may have a lot of experience in group works, however, looking for an opportunity to develop independent learning skills with guidance from an expert in the field.


What will students learn?

Very similar to Group Research Seminar, during the individualized program, students will first learn the fundamental/ advanced information, concepts or theories about a particular topic of interest necessary to start a project. At the same time, students will be introduced to the language of research, ethical principles and challenges, the elements of the research process, fundamentals of different research methods and other core search skills. After students achieve sufficient knowledge, they will then start on their individual project. By the end of the program, students are expected to develop not only knowledge and understanding about a specific topic, but also research skills in general.

During the program, students may also choose to take one of the six elective courses offered by GEC to further expand develop a specific skill or expand knowledge: (1) Probability and Statistics, (2) Introduction to Matlab, (3) Introduction to Python, (4) Social Research Methodology and Use of SPSS, (5) Principles of Finance, and (6) Academic Methodology. In addition to that, GEC provides students with individual training on building personal website and resume-writing.


How will students learn?

Different from Group Research Seminar, in Individualized Research Seminar, students don't choose among a variety of programs, rather, a program is designed based on the research topic of their interest. After the topic is selected, a customized course framework will be developed. 

Usually, students have a 6-week intensive research training, supervised by either an eminent professor or PhD (Candidate) to plan and carry out a research project. GEC will help students find and match with mentors based on their given priorities and needs. The 6-week online program will be conducted in two sessions: Mentor Session during when the Mentor and the student meet together to discuss research progress and Research Tutor Session during when the student learns the basics and fundamentals of research. 


What happens after?

Similarly to Group Research Seminar, upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a formal program evaluation for which student performance is usually evaluated in three areas: (1) Participation, (2) Weekly assignments, and (3) Final Project. In addition, students may decide whether they will request a recommendation from the Mentor.