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Online Group Research Seminar

GEC Academy provides beginning-to-advanced level online group programs in a wide variety of fields during which students are expected to learn specific subject matter content while working on research projects in groups.


Who is this for?

This type of program is designed for a wide range of students, from high school students to graduate students. We accommodate students with different needs and motives. Some might be intellectually interested in the subjects and researching, some want to be able to list these extra programs in their resume, others simply would like to experience a Western style classroom. And many of these students are captivated by being taught by professors from high-status overseas universities.

All applicants will be interviewed by GEC to make sure their speaking, reading and writing skills in English and, especially for advanced programs, their background or abilities are adequate for the program.


What will students learn?

GEC Academy comprises a wide variety of fields, including physics, mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, business, social science, humanities and so on. While, different programs focus on distinct topics, they have very similar structure.


During the program, students will first learn the fundamental/ advanced information, concepts or theories about a particular topic. At the same time, students will be introduced to the language of research, ethical principles and challenges, the elements of the research process, fundamentals of different research methods. After students achieve sufficient knowledge, they will then start on their group projects, learning by practicing. By the end of the program, students are expected to develop not only knowledge and understanding about a specific topic, but also research skills in general.


How will students learn?

Most Group Research Programs are taught online, using Zoom conferencing software, over 7 weeks by a team closely together. During the programs, GEC students will experience the teaching style of Western classrooms and develop reasonably close contact with professors, mentors and teaching assistants (TAs). Class meets twice a week for 1.5-2 hour sessions, one lecture or presentation session by a Professor and one discussion/research session run by a course Mentor. Also, each program is assigned a Teaching Assistant (TA) who hold office hours every week during when they can help students with language and/or content-based problems. 


Project-Based Learning (PBL) is used in every GEC Group Research Program. Every program has a significant hands-on component where students work on research projects in groups closely related to the subject they are studying. Research project will vary by program. In some cases, problem sets can count as research. In other cases, students may work from databases to analyze complex data sets. Other courses may have fieldwork projects where students do observations or detailed interviews. In other cases, research may be library research exploring a program topic in detail.


What happens after?

After the student completes the program successfully, they will receive a formal evaluation for which student performance is evaluated in three areas: (1) Attendance and Participation; (2) Weekly assignments; (3) Final Projects (Oral/Written). In addition, students may decide whether they will request a recommendation from the Professor (Students cannot expect an automatic letter of recommendation just because they attended a GEC program).