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List of GEC Programs (Non-Exclusive)

  • Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management

  • Financial Mathematics for Pricing Options

  • Analysis of Financial Markets (Introductory)

  • Analysis of Financial Markets (Advanced)

  • Hedge Fund

  • Investments

  • What is a Company Worth?

  • Global Entrepreneurial Finance for Startups and Growing Companies

  • Topics in Entrepreneurial Finance

  • Options, Futures and Other Derivatives

  • An Introduction to Data Science and Actuarial Science

  • Entrepreneurial Finance

  • Introduction to Python for Finance

  • Elements of Financial Modelling

  • Hands-on Machine Learning for Finance and Python

  • Corporate Finance and Valuation

  • Fundamentals of Finance

  • Capital Markets and Valuation

  • Advanced Investments

About Instructors

GEC faculty in the finance area have wide-ranging expertise in all major areas of finance. Most GEC finance faculty also hold teaching, researching, or/and administrative positions at top universities across the globe. Many of them are tenured professors with decades of teaching and professional experience in their areas of expertise.

Listed below is a selective list of GEC finance faculty who are currently teaching at GEC with their initials and affiliated institutions or organizations. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us by email or contact form.


S.B - Harvard University

J.M - Cornell University

J.A - Cornell University

J.C - California Institute of Technology

A.V - Oxford University

P.R - Oxford University

L.P - Oxford University

M.S - University of Southern California

C.A - University of Southern California

A.C - Columbia University

J.K - Columbia University

P.S - University of Cambridge

R.R - University of Cambridge

J. F. X - The University of Hong Kong

K.G - Deutsche Bank & Credit Suisse Group

P.Z - Imperial College London

J.M.K - Imperial College London

E.M - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

P.K - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

D.S - New York University


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