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At GEC, we held internal review meetings both quarterly and annually to exchange updates on current events and initiatives and find opportunities for improvement with an aim to better support our students, faculty, and staff. At Teaching & Research Center, we deem it particularly essential as we strive to move our company closer to the vision of providing unapparelled opportunities to access the world’s most advanced and rigorous resources to students to help them succeed in academia and their careers. LEARN MORE ->



Let the Numbers Speak


​​Enrolled Students in 2022


Instructors Actively Teaching at GEC Academy


GEC Faculty from World's Top 30 Universities 


Research Topics

Admissions to Top 100 Universities in the QS World University Rankings


Full Papers Accepted by International Conferences on Average Per Year


About GEC Academy

GEC Academy was founded by Ivy League alumni and faculties in 2016. We are committed to providing Project-Based Learning (PBL) programs (Please click here to learn more about PBL) for high school and college students in China and other Asian countries. We focus on enhancing students' overall competitiveness by helping them develop different skills, including but not limited to, research skills, collaboration skills, presentation skills, and academic writing skills.

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 GEC Academy is committed to providing accessible academic opportunities to students who want to benefit from the world's most advanced and rigorous resources regardless of geographical constraints, and to making a difference in combating the unequal distribution of educational resources worldwide. If you share the same belief, have passion in education, and are interested in knowing more, please let us know!

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