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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony: Management Committee of Xuzhou Economic 
and Technological Development Zone Partners with GEC Academy

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

On November 26th, 2023, a pivotal moment unfolded in Xuzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province, as the Management Committee of Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and GEC Academy came together for a strategic partnership signing ceremony. This collaboration is geared towards establishing a vibrant platform that encourages seamless collaboration among industries, universities, and research institutes. For GEC Academy, this marks a significant milestone, highlighting our commitment to integrating talent, innovation, and industry chains, and holding immense importance in seamlessly bringing them together.


Mr. Gang Hou, Vice Director of GEC-ASI, and Mr. Zhouhua Shi, Deputy Director of Sino-German Innovation Industrial Park (Xuzhou), signing the strategic cooperation agreement


Mr. Yinghua Mo delivering a speech at the signing ceremony

Mr. Yinghua Mo, Vice Director of the Management Committee of Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, emphasized that this collaboration demonstrates the Zone’s unwavering commitment to fostering industry-academia-research integration and accelerating the development of a modern industrial park. This initiative also plays a pivotal role in propelling Xuzhou towards its goal of becoming a thriving innovation hub, aligning seamlessly with the city's vision of promoting high-quality education and creating a “new hub” for innovative talents. “We are steadfast in our dedication to treating entrepreneurs as valued partners, prioritizing their interests, and fostering enterprise growth by providing an optimal business environment,” he added.


Mr. Sheng Yan delivering a speech at the signing ceremony

Mr. Sheng Yan, Executive Director of GEC-ASI, highlighted the pivotal role of GEC in forging a new regional development landscape and advancing the holistic development of industries, universities, and research institutes. He underscored that this collaboration represents a key initiative for GEC Academy to expand its footprint within the Huaihai Economic Zone. According to Mr. Yan, “GEC Academy is committed to promoting the commercialization and application of achievements by establishing a demand-driven, technology-supported, market-guided, and project-propelled research and development system.” The agreement also involves creating communication channels to enhance service connections, and strengthening talent support for industries, universities, and research institutes.


Mr. Gang Hou delivering a speech at the signing ceremony

Mr. Gang Hou, Vice Director of GEC-ASI, delivered a keynote speech on Constructing the Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Platform. During his address, Mr. Hou offered a comprehensive overview of GEC Academy's notable breakthroughs and achievements in industry-academia-research cooperation in 2023. He highlighted the GEC’s commitment to leveraging international innovation platforms, talent teams, cooperation projects, and accomplishments to provide consulting, intellectual support, and international resources to higher education institutions and industry enterprises.

With a shared commitment to deeply integrate into the global scientific and technological innovation chain and collaboratively establish talent centers, GEC Academy remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of industry-academia-research cooperation. The ongoing efforts of both Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and GEC are geared towards propelling the effective implementation of the industry-academia-research cooperation platform, paving the way for a mutually beneficial future. Together, these initiatives underscore a collective dedication to advancing innovation and fostering a dynamic synergy for sustained progress and growth.

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