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Nobel Laureate Prof. Randy Schekman Engages at GEC Forum on Future-Oriented Applied Talents Cultivation Through Industry-Education Integration, and Fuels Young Minds in Scientific Excellence

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On January 13th, GEC Academy successfully held the forum on the topic of Synergizing Education’s Strengths and Forging a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind: Future-Oriented Applied Talents Cultivation Through Industry-Education Integration. The event served as a dynamic platform for engaging discussions and fostering fruitful collaborations between academia and industry with the primary objective of cultivating applied talents who possess the essential skills and knowledge required for the ever-evolving future. 

Prof. Randy W. Schekman, the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, delivered a special keynote speech on the topic of “Cultivating Talent Through Industry-Education Integration for a Future-Oriented Approach.” We also have other experts from prestigious organizations and enterprises, and scholars and professors from high-level domestic and overseas universities who have shared their valuable insights and experiences at the forum. 

Distinguished speakers delivering their speeches

The forum concluded with two roundtable discussions. The first focused on “The Current Situation and Development Trend of China’s Green Talents,” and experts and participants delved into the current state and future prospects of nurturing environmentally conscious talents in China. The second roundtable explored “Cultivation of Applied Talents with a Global Perspective through Industry-Education Integration,” emphasizing the importance of a global outlook in talent cultivation and the role of industry-education integration in achieving this goal.

Mr. LIU's Inspirational Speech at the GEC Research Scholarship Award Ceremony

A glimpse into the roundtable sessions at Future-Oriented Applied Talents Cultivation Through Industry-Education Integration Forum

The forum successfully brought together leaders, scholars, and professionals from academia, industry, and research institutions to collectively address the challenges and opportunities in cultivating future-oriented applied talents. The event undoubtedly contributed to the advancement of industry-education integration and the development of a talent pool capable of driving sustainable progress in various fields.


In the following day, GEC Academy officially kicked off the annual “World Top Scientists Forum” series at Beijing 101 High School, with the distinguished presence of Prof. Randy W. Schekman. With the theme of “How to Cultivate Innovative Talents: Exploring the Path of Youth Growth Guided by Practice”, the open lecture by Prof. Schekman marked a significant step of GEC in inspiring innovative thinking and nurturing the aspirations of Chinese youth to contribute to science and technology. This event also marked the inaugural major forum of GEC Academy for 2024, setting a high standard for the series of intellectual gatherings planned throughout the year.

A group photo of participants at Beijing 101 High School

Prof. Schekman sharing his academic journey with the audience

Prof. Schekman captivated the audience with his open lecture, artfully intertwining his groundbreaking research in “science” and “cells”. He not only demystified complex scientific concepts but also shared personal stories of growth and discovery alongside fellow Nobel laureates. His interactive session prompted lively engagement from students, who eagerly questioned and learned from his experience.

Prof. Schekman and students engaged in in-depth communication

The forum also featured insightful keynote speeches focusing on “Building Trust and Connections Through Communication” and “Preparing for Success in University and Careers”, coupled with a roundtable on “Empowering Youth for a Green Future”. These sessions saw experts and students engage in fervent discussions about sustainable global development, exchanging unique perspectives and constructive insights.

A glimpse into the roundtable session focusing on Empowering Youth for a Green Future: Navigating Global Sustainability through Interdisciplinary Perspectives

The significance of industry-education integration lies in its ability to foster collaboration and exchange between academia and industry, effectively bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Moreover, by melding the insights of world-class professors and scholars, GEC Academy is dedicated to creating a thriving environment of knowledge and innovation, in preparing students for future academic and professional success.

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