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Shanghai Jiaotong University and GEC Academy to Build a Joint Research Center of Innovative Design for Interdisciplinary Studies

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

Last month (October, 2021), GEC Academy signed a new agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University to establish a joint research center for innovative design for interdisciplinary studies. Cooperation will be conducted in the following five areas:

1. Relying on the faculty from top universities at home and abroad, two institutions will jointly develop interdisciplinary studies involving engineering, especially mixing Robotic, AI, Renewable-energy vehicles, new medical and health technology, etc. Provide high-quality projects and Course support for Shanghai Jiaotong University in talent cultivation;

2. Research interdisciplinary studies for international innovative talent education programs, and explore exemplars;

3. Establish the first domestic engineering “visit and exchange platform” to empower the national new engineering interdisciplinary construction;

4. Interdisciplinary teacher capacity building and vocational training;

5. Interdisciplinary science education for middle school students.

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