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Launching the First IPQ Learning Center in China with Oxford AQA 

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

This October, GEC Academy launched the first IPQ Learning Center, supported by Oxford International AQA Examinations, bringing the IPQ program to Chinese students for the first time.

The Independent Project Qualification, or IPQ, is a research study certification program designed for international students. It was designed by the Oxford AQA Examinations to cultivate and certify students' research learning ability.

With Oxford's rigorous and professional academic standards, The IPQ Learning Center is committed to promoting IPQ in China. The center also brings international resources to local Chinese education and enables Chinese students to participate in the IPQ certification program. The center is committed to developing students' independent learning and research capabilities in all aspects.

At the IPQ Learning Center, students will independently select topics and complete research studies under the guidance of instructors to improve their skills in independent learning, research, and creative thinking. Each participating student will deliver a 5000-word paper and a 10-minute presentation at the end of the project, along with a production log that records every step of the research process.

The IPQ Learning Center will operate under the supervision and guidance from Oxford AQA. With its world-class faculty and various subject topics, the center provides students with more choices for learning and research for better project experience and more comprehensive studies. Besides, the programs are designed specifically for students interested in international education to provide a more flexible and higher-quality learning style.


GEC Academy launched first IPQ Learning Centre

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