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Online Seminar on the Content Development and Implementation of “Global Competence Development Course” Was Successfully Organized and Held Last Month

On May 22nd, 2022, GEC Academy along with the International Competence Development Committee in the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy organized and held an online seminar on the Content Development and Implementation of the “Global Competence Development Course” Series for further improvements of the courses. Several former senior officials of international organizations and professors from top universities in China were invited to share their insights and feedback regarding the current development of the courses. During the seminar, all participants put forward detailed suggestions for course development in terms of course evaluation, teaching methods, supplementary course materials, and long-term planning.







Scholars provided contributing suggestions during the online seminar.


In an effort to cultivate students’ in-depth understanding and practical capability of global competence, we developed the “Global Competence Development Course” to help students improve their working competence in the globalization context. Specifically, the courses are designed with the objectives to promote their awareness of global competence, develop a positive attitude toward international communication, and enhance their expertise in dealing with international practice.


Drawing on GEC Academy’s strengths in project-based learning curriculum design, local student recruitment and practical education service experience, and the world-class faculty network affiliated, we wish to unite our expertise to explore effective innovative talent training models with international vision, and global competence and intellectual readiness for the future. We have always been greatly proud of our outstanding team of instructors and this initiative is one of GEC’s attempts to further involve our faculty in GEC’s other projects than project-based learning programs. We are expecting numerously more opportunities such as this one for our faculty in the future. Finally, we would like to convey our gratitude to the several GEC faculty who put great effort into this course series. We want to give special thanks to Professor J.H, Professor P.B, Professor Y.S.R, Professor S.F, Professor M.B, and Professor R.P for their instructive support in the stage of course development.   

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