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GEC Academy Supports Zephyr Racing Team in F1 in Schools——Championing Green Future and STEM Education for Young Minds 

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GEC Academy recently backed the Zephyr Racing team in their participation in the national finals of the prestigious UK STEM competition, F1 in Schools. GEC has a longstanding commitment to enhancing the scientific literacy of youth worldwide, aiming to cultivate their scientific spirit, innovation consciousness, and practical skills. Supporting this event represents a significant step for GEC in empowering and encouraging the innovative literacy cultivation of young people, as well as a practical exploration of collaboration between the GEC London branch and local primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Group Photo of the Zephyr Racing Team Members

The Zephyr Racing team, comprising six 10th-grade students from Westminster School, recently claimed the regional championship in southwest England, also receiving awards for the fastest car and best team image. F1 in Schools is an international STEM competition held in over 40 countries/regions for students aged 11 to 19, with teams of 3 to 6 members. Participants use CAD/CAM software to design and build miniature cars that race on a specially designed track. These teams also engage in securing sponsorships, branding, and portfolio submissions, fostering skills in aerodynamics, CAD/CAM technology, marketing, and brand promotion, aligning with GEC Academy’s commitment to global youth education and green initiatives.

Zephyr Racing Entry Displays GEC Academy Logo

The Zephyr Racing team is dedicated to sustainability in F1 racing, aiming to showcase how racing projects can embrace eco-friendly practices. They proudly shared, “Our car’s wings are crafted from sustainable natural fiber-reinforced materials. Additionally, we launched the Zephyr project, an Instagram initiative where we donate to the National Trust.” The National Trust is actively involved in conservation projects like tree planting, protecting animal species, and preserving natural landscapes.

Photo Taken at the F1 in Schools Southwest England Regional Finals

On their official website, the Zephyr Racing team members have extended a heartfelt invitation, “We invite you to join us in combating climate change, restoring natural landscapes, and providing sanctuaries for wildlife. Support our F1 in Schools team’s growth and contribute to the future of racing by following us on Instagram (@teamzephyrracing) and planting the seeds of change for tomorrow.” Every five new followers will contribute to planting a new sapling, according to their data.

Zephyr Racing Instagram Account

As the leaders and catalysts of change in the future, the younger generation plays a pivotal role. GEC Academy views it as both a responsibility and a core mission to support young individuals in stepping onto the world stage. We are committed to equipping young scholars with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to become a driving force in addressing today’s global challenges, and encouraging young people to continuously explore, innovate, and translate their aspirations into reality.

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