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Forum held on interdisciplinary talent cultivation

Source: Forum held on interdisciplinary talent cultivation 专家学者共商复合型人才培养

Published by Shenzhen Daily

Written by Chang Zhipeng

SEVERAL education scholars and experts had an in-depth discussion at a forum in Qianhai on Saturday and shared their views on the cultivation interdisciplinary talents that can meet the country’s current and future needs to participate in various global competitions.


The forum, jointly organized by the College of International Studies of Shenzhen University and the GEC Academy, consisted of three parts: several opening speeches, six keynote speeches and three panel discussions.


A panel discussion on the cultivation of international interdisciplinary talent.

Li Qingquan, Party chief of Shenzhen University, said in his speech that building an international interdisciplinary talent hub in Shenzhen and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is the city’s focal point to adapt to the needs of national development, contribute to the creation of a community with a shared future for humankind and give full play to its international regional advantages.


Li Qingquan, Party chief of Shenzhen University, speaks at the forum.

Cultivating international interdisciplinary talents has become an important task for Shenzhen University’s targets of realizing international development and building itself into a world-class innovation-driven university. The university’s College of International Studies has taken the country’s lead in opening several disciplines’ literacy and general knowledge courses for foreign language majors to cultivate their interdisciplinary learning capabilities.


A view of the forum at Qianhai.

Xue Yuxue, former director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Afghanistan and Indonesia, said during his work at UNDP, he not only witnessed China’s increasingly important role and extensive influence in international affairs, but also realized its under-representation and weak right of speech in international organizations. Therefore, more international talents are needed who are proficient in international rules and familiar with international affairs.


“Talents with international competence should have four basic qualities: excellent professional knowledge and skills, competent professional ability, working ability in a multicultural environment, as well as international vision and patriotism,” Xue said.


Shen Cong, CEO of GEC Academy, delivers a speech at the forum.

Shen Cong, CEO of GEC Academy, said that the institute, as an education service provider, strives to create more value for customers, parents and students that offers understanding of the trends and laws of talent training and development.


“To this end, we have carefully studied relevant education policies and made exchanges with education authorities, to better serve the national strategy and cultivate the next generation of future-oriented international talents,” he said.


During parts of the panel discussions, guests shared their views on topics such as the integration between Shenzhen’s high-quality development and interdisciplinary talent cultivation, opportunities and challenges brought by Sino-foreign talent cooperation and construction of an integrated international curriculum, as well as the status and qualities of excellent teaching staff.

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