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First GEC forum on the cultivation of international innovative and future-oriented talents

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On August 28, GEC Academy in conjunction with Peking University Shenzhen Research Institute hosted the first forum on the cultivation of international innovative and future-oriented talents, and the opening ceremony of the GEC Academy branch office in Shenzhen. More than 300 hundred experts and professionals in the field of education joined the forum. This event created a platform for experts and elites to share and exchange ideas on international talent education from different perspectives. The forum also intended to gather advice and proposals for international education in a post-pandemic environment and seize new opportunities in education.


Dean Dr. Li Qifeng from Peking University Shenzhen Research Institute and CEO Mr. Shen Cong from GEC Academy delivered opening speeches. Dr. Li praised the importance of this forum and encouraged the free exchange of ideas and wisdom. He focused the theme on future education, modernization, internationalization and innovation. Dr. Li also pointed out that under the guideline of achieving the modernization of education by 2030, all education professionals should push the modernization of education, concepts, systems, contents, methods and administration. Mr. Shen summarized his personal experience in international education, and introduced future plans of GEC Academy. He thanked everyone who came to the forum and the support from hosting institutions. Mr. Shen believed, for future international talents to have global competence, they must possess new and creative thinking. During the opening ceremony, professors from MIT and Cambridge also shared their perspectives through live streaming and congratulated the forum.

david shen 深圳present.jpg

Cong Shen, CEO of GEC Academy, presented in the conference.

The main event was divided into three sections. 1) Higher Education: the cultivation of future-oriented international innovative talents; 2) International Schools: curriculum integration and international talent education; 3) Career Development: the integration of production, education and research, creating new ideas for professional education. Professors and experts from different institutions, including Shenzhen University, Tsinghua University, Southeastern University, Sun Yat-sen University, the Hongkong Polytechnic University, shared their experiences and reports on international education. Experts agreed that educating students who possess the ability to create, imagine, raise questions, and tackle problems are far more critical than just conveying knowledge, and it is the goal and the responsibility of every teacher.

826 talk.jpg

Several participants were invited to have a discussion about the cooperation of industry and education on the stage.

After the conference, all attendees gathered together for an evening of aspiration. The banquet began with two big announcements of GEC: GEC made as an official partner to Oxford International AQA Examinations; New GEC branch office opened in the big bay area of China. Representative Mr. Wei Min from Oxford International AQA Examinations handed the official certification to GEC Academy, marking a new level of cooperation between the two institutions. Finally, this amazing night ended as Dr. Li, Mr. Shen, Mr. Wei, joined by others, cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the GEC Academy branch office in Shenzhen.


Mr. Wei, representing Oxford AQA Examinations, handed the official certificate to GEC. 

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