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GEC Academy Successfully Hold Seminar on Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Higher Education and Global Competence Cultivation

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On April 1, 2022, scholars and experts converged in Chengdu, Sichuan, for an in-depth discussion about the development of Chinese-foreign cooperation in higher education and the innovation in the mechanism of global competence cultivation. Organized and held by GEC Academy, this seminar aims to support universities in fostering communication and cultivating global competitive talents in China.


We take the delight to invite Qiao LI, an officer from the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Education Department of Sichuan Province, Zhixian LIU, an expert in global competence and former UN official, and Henan CHENG, Deputy Director of the Center on Chinese Education at Teachers College, Columbia University to give opening addresses for this seminar.


The guest speakers shared enlightening and instructive ideas in their opening speeches. LI proposed existing problems from the perspectives of discipline planning, curriculum development and teaching faculty training in the current Chinese-foreign educational cooperation. Then, LIU emphasized the significance of viewing and handling problems based on international rules and norms. According to LIU, transcultural communication is another important factor in global competence, so it is necessary to broaden students’ horizons and view problems from the aspect of globalization when cultivating global competence talents. Finally, CHENG pointed out in her opening speech that global competence development requires students to learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make correct judgments in the current rapidly changing and intertwined world.


After the opening ceremony, several experts shared their experiences and insights, including Ning ZHANG, President of the International Competence Development Committee in the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy, and five professors from different universities in China. They shared their experiences and opinions in developing Chinese-foreign educational cooperation, and exchanged their notions on cultivating global competitive talents.


During this speaking session, ZHANG pointed out that global competence requires six qualities and abilities: global vision and international understanding, cross-cultural learning and communication, respect for diversity, self-awareness and independent thinking, active participation in international affairs and cooperation, as well as internationally transferable skills. 


Then, Professor Chengbin MA from The University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, introduced the concept of I3Q Strategic Principles– Internationalization, Interdisciplinarity, Innovation, and Quality. Professor Shilei YANG from the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics-University of Delaware Institute of Data Science also proposed promoting interdisciplinary programs and cultivating innovative talents. And Professor Tao HUANG from Southwest Jiaotong University-Leeds Joint School advised the importance of focusing on establishing international teaching faculty.


As for practical experiences, Professor Xiaoli FAN from Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, Northwestern Polytechnical University, talked about how they solved problems caused by old teaching methods, students’ lacking motivation and innovation. Meanwhile, Professor Bing ZENG from Glasgow College, University of Electronic Science & Technology of China, shared valuable experience in organizing innovation and entrepreneurship projects, encouraging students to take part in scientific research, and holding academic competitions to enhance students’ global competence.


This seminar ended with a round-table discussion, focusing on the development and innovation of Chinese-foreign educational cooperation in the new era, the training models for global competence, and new opportunities for Chinese-foreign educational cooperation.


Participants took a group photo before the seminar started.

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