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GEC 2022 College Admissions Results (Updated in May 1st, 2022)

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We are very delighted to take the time in May to congratulate our outstanding students on their exciting 2022 college and university admissions results. They've all put in a lot of effort while attending GEC online research seminars on their path to admission, and we're extremely proud of every one of them.


Furthermore, we'd like to extend our gratitude to GEC's great teaching faculty, who have worked tirelessly to support these students’ college and university dreams. Without your tireless help, we would not have been able to achieve these preliminary results. 


(Please note that the following statistics are based on students’ feedback we received, and do not represent all student admissions results). According to the collected data, in 2022, GEC students received about 1,200 offers, with 874 master program and 338 undergraduate program. They did quite well with schools highlighted in US News & QS World University Rankings. Most of these students received offers to multiple schools on this list. To be more specific, we have 73 students admitted to Ivy League schools this year, 65 for master program and 8 for undergraduate program. More than 160 students were offered admission to G5 universities.


The tables - GEC General Admission Results, 2022 Admissions Results for US News Top 50 Universities, 2022 Admissions Results for Top Liberal Arts Colleges, 2022 Admissions Results for QS Top 50 Universities in the UK, 2022 Admissions Results for QS Top 50 Universities in the Other Countries and Regions - below show an overall admission results of GEC students, and also highlight the world’s leading ranked universities and colleges where GEC students will be attending this fall. If you’re interested in the admission results of your own students, please feel free to contact us and we are very pleased to update this list as admissions decisions are released.

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