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Nico Shen - GEC Associate Academic Director

In October 2021, we invited Nico Shen, who is currently supervising the faculty outreach and academic management team to say a few words about her professional life at GEC.

Nico Shen - GEC Associate Academic Director

Frankly speaking, I am not used to keeping a diary either for my life or work. Positioning in such a quick-paced generation, many people are too focused on absorbing flooded information, while neglecting the importance of recording and reflection. So I am really excited to be nominated to write something in our GEC newsletter, and finally take a minute to retrospect my path with GEC Academy.

I joined this fantastic team in June 2019. Like all other young graduates, I immersed myself in all kinds of new work and tried my best to fulfill every task assigned. Now, after 2 years, when I look up, GEC has already grown into an organization with over 300 staff and 10 offices worldwide. As part of the company, I have made progress as well. When I first became the leader of the faculty outreach team, we only had fewer than 150 professors and researchers, but within a year, this number tripled. Now as I am also supervising the academic team, we are interacting with our faculty on a daily basis, supporting their journey with GEC.

Since this August, our team has been conducting annual review meetings with each of our faculty members. This is indeed a pleasurable experience for all of us, as it’s always nice to hear feedback and opinions from both sides. Through these talks, I had a chance to know more about our faculty in person, and certainly developed closer relationships.

I always believe that meaningful conversations only happen when there is mutual trust. Thus, although I have said many times in the meetings, I still would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of our faculty. Your commitment is always our motivation to improve our collaborations.

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