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Katrina Wang - Faculty Outreach Specialist

In February 2022, we invited Katrina Wang, one of our Faculty Outreach Specialists to share about her working life at GEC Academy.

Katrina Wang - Faculty Outreach Specialist

“Dear Diary ......” That’s typically how I would start my reflection when I am ready to open myself up sincerely to shape or reshape my life. I joined GEC last fall, the most beautiful season in Beijing, the sunshine sifting benevolently on everyone and my journey with GEC. The young and energetic team just made me believe that we could work together to make a difference and make innovative changes in the education industry.

Working in the faculty outreach team will never make life boring. I just cannot express how excited I am that I have the opportunity to dig further into different topics every day and see how do the experts in certain fields keep pushing the human intellectual boundaries. I have met a lot of professors who are kind, enthusiastic, and passionate. When discussing their expertise and teaching philosophy, I am just so touched by their sparkling eyes. Only those who are so passionate about life will have the energy to help and influence others. With more branches opening around the world and more great faculties joining the network, I am more than convinced that I could grow up with GEC step by step. It’s an increasingly interesting and challenging journey.

It’s the year of the tiger now, and the festive atmosphere still lingers on all over China. I just wish the happy mood could influence our professors as well. Hope I could find more great topics and professors in the new year and everything will have a brand-new start!

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