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GEC Diary

Written by Professor R.W:

“I just want to take a moment to acknowledge and affirm the news in the recent GEC Newsletter of Chinese government initiatives in seeking to be attentive to the mental health needs of students, particularly as referenced in the education system. I have hopes that this will result in an increased sensitivity to these needs in children and adolescents, especially in prevention and early identification.


I think you may be aware that I have several times in my course registered concern for students expressing mild to severe emotional distress, often from the pressures of academic and other demands on their lives. This is, in my judgment, a global issue that deserves international concern and action. I am pleased to see China giving priority to this and I am optimistic that it will yield favorable understandings, interests, and care to address these needs.


I might add that I am grateful for the GEC staff, who have been appropriately responsive and helpful when we have identified such concerns among our students. I am also grateful for GEC’s continued leadership in education and its attentiveness towards all students. It is my hope that we can and will continue to conscientiously be cognizant of the mental health well being of our students, and of course, ourselves as well.”

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