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Unveiling Interdisciplinary Pathways for Cultivating Green Talent


Jan. 2024

GEC Faculty Meeting Recap

On January 30th, GEC Academy successfully hosted our first 2024 teaching faculty meeting, centering around the thought-provoking theme of “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Green Talent.” This highly accomplished gathering has witnessed a remarkable feat as it unfolded simultaneously in two vibrant cities, Beijing and Shenzhen, with dedicated offline venues established in each location. This event served as a catalyst for inspiration, yielding remarkable outcomes and paving a promising path for future endeavors in the realm of green talent cultivation. 

We have invited 11 GEC teaching faculty members, hailing from a diverse range of academic disciplines, including Statistics and Machine Learning, Chemical Engineering, Business, and so on, to share their invaluable insights and expertise on this topic. Coinciding with the 2024 iHUB winter on-site research program, this event attracted an enthusiastic and diverse audience comprising over 200 students majoring in different disciplines from various grade levels and universities, as well as many esteemed professors at iHUB campsites.

Faculty meeting in Beijing

Faculty meeting in Shenzhen

Drawing upon their rich expertise and research backgrounds, each guest speaker shared their insights on the connections between their teaching contents, research topics and green technology. They also offered their unique perspectives on green talent cultivation, the intricate interplay between technological advancements and environmental preservation, as well as the pivotal role of international collaboration in shaping the education of the next generation of green talent.

A glimpse into the Q&A session

The faculty meeting concluded with an insightful Q&A session, where our esteemed professors graciously responded to the doubts and inquiries raised by students on various aspects of the topic, for example, the concept of green development and the factors to consider when deciding whether to explore green technology or invest in industries. Students also raised questions regarding academic passion, environmental awareness, and the use of large language models, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding green talent cultivation. This exposure to real-world examples and success stories not only motivated students to pursue careers in green technology but also instilled a sense of responsibility and urgency in tackling global environmental issues.

Looking forward, GEC Academy is committed to continuously seeking opportunities to host such impactful events and meetings by gathering both our teaching faculty and GEC students. By cultivating a space for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, we expect to further our mission of educating and inspiring students and professionals alike, and we’ll remain devoted to building bridges between disciplines, industries, and cultures, ensuring that the pursuit of green innovation remains at the forefront of our educational endeavors.

Please kindly reach out to your academic manager if you need the recording of the meeting.

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