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2023 Summer Research Program - Looking Back on the Past and Shaping the Future


Oct. 2023

GEC Faculty Meeting Recap

On October 25th, GEC Academy brought together our esteemed teaching faculty and teaching fellows in a virtual gathering to reflect on their enriching experiences and insights gained during the 2023 Summer Research Program. This October faculty meeting not only served as a platform for sharing accomplishments but also ignited profound discussions on mapping out a visionary course for the future.

Tracy Zhou, Head of the Academic Management Team, set the tone for the faculty meeting with a gracious introduction of the speakers and a comprehensive overview of the program's success. From the meticulous organization of the campsite to the program's scale of enrollment, the abundance of teaching talent, and the glowing student ratings, every aspect was meticulously summarized. For an in-depth exploration of the summer's triumphs, please kindly delve into the pages of the 2023 GEC Summer Camp Report

Insights from GEC Teaching Faculty

Presented by Edward Mullen, the Willma and Albert Musher Professor Emeritus at Columbia University 

Professor Mullen expressed his appreciation for the inspiring intensive summer research program with intelligent and highly-motivated students, and he described it as one of the best experiences of his life. “Something that I was not anticipating that I think is important is the lunch with my students at the restaurant, and that was a highlight. The students loved it because they really felt special, and it was an opportunity for a lot of photos afterwards. .... As far as the faculty, I think another highlight is that this is a rare opportunity, I think, for a faculty of such diversity, and from disciplines, from countries, from cultures, for all of us as a faculty to mingle and get to know one another.”

Presented by Jonathan Flombaum, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at Johns Hopkins UniversityProfessor

Flombaum enthusiastically characterized the onsite program as an enriching blend of work, social engagement, and horizon-expanding experiences. Reflecting on his teaching stint at the Nord Anglia campus in Shanghai, he emphasized the advantageous availability of ample breakout spaces on the high school campus. "One particularly beneficial aspect," he shared, "was the freedom to say, 'Now, let's explore wherever you wish - be it the library, the dining hall - work in your teams on your projects.' This dynamic allowed for flexibility, with me circulating and teaching fellows engaging, assessing progress, and subsequently reconvening as a group to discuss overall observations. The ability to seamlessly transition between formal and informal spaces significantly contributed to the success of the class. This model, if replicable, holds considerable value."  

Perspectives from GEC Teaching Fellows

Presented by Junjie CHEN, PhD student at UC Davis, Biomedical Engineering

Junjie extended his appreciation for the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with professors from diverse global backgrounds. Delving into the intricacies of his teaching experience during the Chongming campus, he underscored the importance of adaptive teaching strategies tailored to the distinct needs of undergraduates and high school students, striking a balance between fostering creativity and maintaining focused learning environments. Looking ahead, he revealed a commitment to elevating the educational experience by diversifying homework assignments, infusing creative elements to enhance critical thinking skills. 

Presented by Chang SU, DPhil student at University of Oxford, Behavioral Science

Chang has worked with GEC for several times and she has taught courses in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. She expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to realize her aspiration to nurture young minds to kindle a spark of curiosity as well as to help them apply theoretical knowledge into real-world scenarios. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity provided by GEC Academy. This role as a teaching fellow represents a convergence of my passion for education, my commitment to research, my assistance to our professor, and also my desire to inspire the next generation of thinkers and innovators.”  

Student Insights and Reflections


Expressing our deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support and remarkable contributions to the 2023 Summer Research Program, we're thrilled to unveil exciting developments for the upcoming seasons. The 2024 Winter Research Program is set to be more compact, featuring two vibrant sites in Beijing and either Shenzhen or Guangzhou. Meanwhile, the 2024 Summer Research Program promises an extended, grander, and cooler experience. Expanding to seven sites, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong in China, along with prestigious international locations such as Columbia University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford. Each site will host two rounds of the program, offering an enriching experience from July 14 to July 27 and July 28 to August 10. As we embark on this exciting journey, we extend a sincere invitation to esteemed professors to join us, anticipating the creation of extraordinary academic endeavors together.


*For all GEC faculty: Please click HERE to access the recording. 

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