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Natural Science

List of GEC Programs (Non-Exclusive)

  • Group Theory

  • Complex Variables for HS

  • A Course in Game Theory

  • Linear Programming and Its Applications

  • Philosophy of Logic

  • Astrophysics and Simulation Methods for Galaxy Formation

  • Introduction to Particle Physics

  • Intensive Program - Study of Tesla Battery Technology: The Application of Nanotech

  • Quantum Physics

  • Physics of Fluids

  • Orbital motion and detection of extrasolar planets

  • Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory

  • Hot Topics in Astronomy

  • Emerging fields of adsorption and nanoporous materials

  • Introduction to Polymer Chemistry

  • Biochemical Toxicology

  • Experimental Cell Biology

  • Plastic fantastic – The science behind the coming age of plastic electronics from foldable displays to brain machine interfaces

  • Introduction to Atomistic Modeling of Materials

  • Global Health and Pandemics: An Introduction

  • Biologically Inspired Robotics

  • Fundamentals of Human Physiology

  • Neuroscience

  • Biochemical Toxicology

  • Experimental Cell Biology

About Instructors

GEC is comprised of a group of diverse natural science experts. GEC natural science faculty teach a variety of natural science programs with different focuses on mathematics, biology, chemistry, astronomy and physics. Most GEC natural science faculty also hold teaching, researching, or/and administrative positions at top universities across the globe. Many of them are tenured professors with decades of teaching and professional experience in their areas of expertise.

Listed below is a selective list of GEC natural science faculty who are currently teaching at GEC with their initials and affiliated institutions or organizations. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us by email or contact form.


Mathematics Group

A.G - University of California, Berkeley

M.G - University of California, Berkeley

D.K - Oxford University

J.F.L - National Center for Atmospheric Research/Chief Scientist

J.M.K - Imperial College London

J.F - The London School of Economics and Political Science

J.H - Brown University

S.E - Dartmouth College

Physics Group

C.T - Oxford University

D.H - University of Pennsylvania

F.R - University College London

J.M - University of California, Los Angeles

M.C - University College London

Chemistry Group

C.L - Williams College

D.F.J - University of Cambridge

J.E - Imperial College London

O.S - University of Cambridge

Biology Group

C.L - Williams College

J.E - Imperial College London

A.H - Imperial College London

G.P - The University of Southern California

I.W - Emory University

J.F.B - Boston University

M.Y - University of California, Berkeley

S.C - Brown University

S.C - Salk Institute for Biological Studies


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