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Health and Medicine

List of GEC Programs (Non-Exclusive)

  • Nutrition and Health

  • Fun Facts about the Chemistry of Food

Medical Science
  • Drug Discovery and Development: Treating Human Diseases

  • Cancer Biology and Cancer Immunotherapies

  • Synthetic Biology based vaccines: Towards a vaccine for COVID-19

  • Introduction to Evidence-based Practice, Quality Improvement, and Research in Health Care

  • Clinical Epidemiologic Research Methods

  • Introduction into Statistics for Psychology, Medical and Social science

  • Drug Discovery and Development: Basic steps and recent advancements in treating human disease

  • Novel Clinical Tools for Cartilage Regeneration and Fracture Healing

Public Health
  • Global Health and Pandemics: An Introduction

  • Time Series Modeling with Applications in Economics and Public Health

  • Current Topics in Public Health

  • Introduction to Epidemiology

About Instructors

GEC is comprised of a group of diverse health and medicine experts. GEC health and medicine faculty teach a variety of health and medicine programs with different focuses on the relevant fields such as Alimentology, Public Health, Medicine, and Medical Science. Most GEC health and medicine faculty also hold teaching, researching, or/and administrative positions at top universities across the globe. Many of them are tenured professors with decades of teaching and professional experience in their areas of expertise.

Listed below is a selective list of GEC health and medicine faculty who are currently teaching at GEC with their initials and affiliated institutions or organizations. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us by email or contact form.


S.A - Columbia University

K.K - Yale University

S.K - Harvard University

A.D.R.H - Imperial College London

P.K - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

K.L - Boston University

A.P - Columbia University

N.B - Stanford University

C.E.C - Stanford University

R.B - University of Southern California


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