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Computer Science

List of GEC Programs (Non-Exclusive)

Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Deep Learning: Theory and Application

  • Machine Learning Essentials

  • Machine Learning for Networking

  • Hands-on Machine Learning for Finance and Python

  • Integrated and Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

  • Digital Image Processing

  • Introduction to VR for Game Design and Immersive Storytelling

  • Parallel Programming and Architecture

  • Computer Music Synthesis and Composition

Data Analytics
  • Data Mining and Its Applications

  • Modern Data Visualization of Big Data

  • Statistical analysis of past and future climate change

  • Introduction to Stochastic Processes

  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics

  • Statistical analysis of past and future climate change

Cryptography and Security
  • Cryptography and Computer Security

  • Special Topics in Communication Systems: Algorithms for Cloud Storage

  • Puzzles and Paradoxes, and the Mathematics Behind Them

About Instructors

Computer Science (CS) is one of the most popular fields of study at GEC. GEC is a hub for almost a hundred CS experts. We are constantly growing our faculty to meet the increasing demands of our students. With new and trendy topics emerging every day in the field of CS, we have CS faculty at GEC with specializations in a wide variety of the fields of computers. They are software developers, hardware experts, networking professionals, data management experts, digital marketing experts or programming experts. Most of them also hold teaching, researching, or/and administrative positions at top universities across the globe. Many of them are tenured professors with decades of teaching and professional experience in their areas of expertise.

Listed below is a selective list of GEC CS faculty who are currently teaching at GEC with their initials and affiliated institutions or organizations. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us by email or contact form.


M.V - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

V.A - University of Southern California

N.F - University of Chicago

L.D - University of California, Los Angeles

S.A - University of California, Los Angeles

J.H - Cornell University

V.G - Carnegie Mellon University

S.T - Carnegie Mellon University

R.D - Carnegie Mellon University

V.M - University of Pennsylvania

P.R - Oxford University

E.D - Stanford University

V.M - University of Pennsylvania

P.L - University of Cambridge

R.Y - Duke University

M.W - Harvard University

I.W - Emory University

R.K - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

J.L - US National Center for Atmospheric Research


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