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Student Story

"What I loved about this program is how passionate and professional the teachers are, especially the professor. He really cared about how this program can change us." - D


Q: Why Did You Choose to Study Finance Engineering at GEC?

I think Finance Engineering is a very pragmatic subject. Personally, speaking of whether my future education or career development, pure theory is not what I want to pursue. Since I've decided to study abroad for my master degree, I"ve made plans for my application few years ago. Ever since my sophermore year, I started to take more courses relevant to Finance Engineering. Until few months ago, I realized that the Relevant Coursework section on my resume looked impressive, nevertheless, I lacked real experience in terms of researching. Therefore, under the recommendation of my friend who had studied at GEC before, I chose to enroll in the Financial Engineering and Data Analytics Research Program. 

Q:How would you rate your scientific research experience at GEC? 

It's a very fulfilling experience! First of all, the leading instructor is a great teacher, and he did not teach courses by simply reading out the script, instead, he asked what our real needs are, taking into account our professional development and ideas, and then adapted the content of the program. In the last two class sessions, he shared with us a some cutting-edge information- Pair Trading Strategy. To be able to grasp and understand the most cutting-edge information of the industry, that we can not easily learn from books. In addition, our Mentor is also an employee of Goldman Sachs and has precious industry experience to share with us, which was quite exciting. Also, since I've decided to accept the offer from Columbia, I am looking forward to meeting the Professor in person on campus! 

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