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About GEC Faculty Outreach Team

GEC Faculty Outreach Team is a group of young, talented, determined specialists, all with master's degrees in education or a closely related field, on a mission to help GEC Academy build and expand its faculty network and community by supporting outreach and recruitment activities. 


We understand how significant the impacts of education on GEC students can be and how education can change one's life for the better. Our goal is to find the best teachers for GEC students and support new GEC teachers transition to the new environment. 

Co-working in the Office

Our Responsibilities

On a daily basis, we reach out to outstanding educators to discuss the possibility of cooperation with GEC. Our responsibilities include but not limited to:

1. Distribute introduction emails to potential GEC teachers;

2. Arrange appointments and interviews;

3. Arrange faculty hiring and preparing contracts;

3. Collect information from teachers such as availability, teaching ideas, and confirm the class schedule for the first delivery of GEC program;

4. Mentor recruitment;

5. Connect new faculties to GEC course managers.

Meet The Team

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