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Jie (Ramona) Jiao

Double Master’s Degree in (1) Russian Language and Literature, Beijing International Studies University, (2) Journalism, St. Petersburg State University.

What are your current duties?

I am currently serving as a Global Competence Development Project Specialist at GEC-Advanced Studies Institute. In this role, my primary responsibilities involve research and development in the field of education. This encompasses tasks such as course development for the Global Competence Development (GCD) project, collaboration with teaching faculty both domestically and internationally, facilitation of live Q&A sessions for online courses, and overseeing the operational aspects of workshops.


What made you choose GEC Academy?

GEC Academy stands out as a team full of innovation and vitality. Having previously worked in state-owned enterprises with a more traditional work environment, I've eagerly anticipated the opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic and youthful team like GEC Academy. I'm confident that within GEC, one can harness the company's resources and opportunities to consistently highlight individual strengths, refine professional skills, and actively contribute to the overall success of the organization.

What are your specialisms and interests?

I have an avid interest in foreign languages, with Russian as my major and English as my second foreign language. During my free time, I have self-studied Korean and Arabic. Delving into books in their original languages is a personal joy, and my passions extend to photography, videography, gastronomy, hiking, and travel. A devoted dog lover, I share my home with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who brings immense joy and companionship to my life.

Jie (Ramona) Jiao
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