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Title: Innovative Casting Methods for Single Crystal Turbine Blades

Abstract: This report outlines a succinct analysis of the contemporary casting methods in single-crystal turbine blades. Furthermore, this paper also provides an examination of the solidification procedure in mixed turbine blades. The couple cooling and heating operation system was advanced to obtain identical thermal positions for single crystal (SC) solidification in the blade group, thereby significantly diminishing the associated flaws in the contemporary Bridgman process. The chemistry science of Nickel based alloys planed for single crystal (SC) gas turbine blades has been notably improved upon, especially when considering the initial production of alloys. The second and third production within the total operation has been enhanced by the introduction of rhenium (Re). Surged density, grain flaws, and microstructural stableness have presented themselves as significant issues within this process. Additionally, it is imperative to minimize the concentrations of the different alloying components.

Ding, W. Q. (2021). Innovative Casting Methods for Single Crystal Turbine Blades. In Materials Science Forum (Vol. 1032, pp. 178-185). Trans Tech Publications Ltd.