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Title: Pipe Designs of the Closed Feedwater Heater Rankine Cycle Power Plant

Abstract: How to lower global energy consumption and improve energy conversion efficiency remains a major challenge in the fields of science and technology. Scientists have done tremendous work to save energy. For example, scientists have improved and designed the different parts of heating systems to make it approach the thermal idealized cycle, in order to increase the waste-heat utilization rate and convert heat into other forms of usable energy. After thorough study of the Closed Feedwater Heater (FWH) Rankine Cycle power plant, this paper shows two possible designs to increase energy efficiency: the Cylinder and Sphere Feedwater Heater, and the Pipeline Mini Turbine. Compared with the old system components, they convert steam’s kinetic energy into usable electricity or other forms of energy and reduce the waste of energy caused by temperature differences and circulations. As a result, they increase the heat transfer efficiency between water and steam in the feedwater heater and save more money because of the reused component.

Li, M., Luo, H., & Peng, M. (2020, December). Pipe Designs of the Closed Feedwater Heater Rankine Cycle Power Plant. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Vol. 615, No. 1, p. 012065). IOP Publishing.