Student Work - Digital Media

 A Systematic Literature Review of Art Photography on Social Media in the Age of Digital Culture



Social media have achieved a prominent role in people’s daily life. Several art photographers and institutions have created social media accounts in response to the trend nowadays. The development of art photography on social media should be looked into, and the background of digital culture is also critical in analyzing the topic. The method of a literature review is applied with the extensive reading of research articles, literature reviews, and media reports. The main findings are that several art photographers create artworks based upon several issues about social media, such as snapshot, selfie, and identity. Some of these issues are related to popular photography, which reflects the tension between art and popular photography. Art photographers also upload the entire series on social media and interact with the audience. In this way, social media can be seen as a unique medium for art practice, more than a simple exhibition of artworks. Art photography on social media also echoes its history and the age of digital culture.